Saturdays in March. Exploring a legacy of Prayer @ Gather Coffee Shop.

Exploring a legacy of prayer at Gather Coffee Shop Watertown SD.

Join us at Gather Coffee Shop from 8:30 to 10:00am every Saturday in March!

Our individual personalities and backgrounds bring a variety of ways to connect and be in relationship with others, and the same is true with our spiritual connection to God through prayer.  Come and explore a variety of ancient prayer practices, discover your unique prayer type and explore ways of passing on a legacy of prayer to the next generation. 

March 7th – Innovative Prayer Styles – optimistic, hopeful, imaginative, creative, insightful
March 14th – Relational Prayer Styles – meaningful, authentic, harmonious, intuitive, compassionate
March 21st – Experiential Prayer Styles – traditional, orderly, commemorative, practical
March 28th – Searching Prayer Styles – intellectual, studious, observant, logical, discerning

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