YOUTH 2023 Mission Trip

Every four years, youth from throughout The United Methodist Church have gathered for four days of discipleship, fun, and fellowship at the YOUTH event. The event is filled with interactive learning, worship, Bible study, service opportunities, and fellowship time. YOUTH 2023 is a chance for your church to again experience cutting-edge speakers, amazing artists, and broaden your youth’s understanding of what they and their church are capable of!

Why Support?

Funds raised in support of the YOUTH 2023 trip will allowing youth from First Church to attend the trip this July. The cost is $1800 per person and so every penny raised counts! We appreciate any and all support of our youth seeking to connect and grow closer to God through this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Pizza Ranch: On Monday, March 20th, stop by Pizza Ranch between 5-8pm for your meal. Youth will be bussing tables and helping clean. A percentage of the revenue earned between 5-8pm will be donated to the youth group.

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Registration is open for the 2023 Youth trip to Daytona Beach, Florida! Click the button to register! CLICK HERE for more information.

Our Values

  • Respect one another and honor God
  • Support each other on our faith journey
  • Create a safe space
  • Be inclusive
  • Share and learn stories of the Bible

We have three programs by age and interest

Jr High (or Middle School)

In our weekly sessions, students learn about the faith and the story of who we are as Christians through studying scripture and hands-on activities including: games, art, videos, and more.

Sr. High (or High School)

Our High School Ministry is focused largely on creating an informal and safe environment for students to discuss a variety of relevant topics related to their faith and life.


The goal of confirmation is to help students learn about and claim their faith for themselves. Students are expected to meet weekly on Wednesday nights, meet with a mentor a few times, and attend worship services. As a final project, they will write a statement of faith using their thoughts on the material covered throughout the year. Students will have the opportunity to be confirmed and recognized as adult members of the church.

Connect nights are ways for youth to build community and learn more about each other through a variety of fun games and activities.

Grow nights are a time to deepen our understanding of God and grow in our faith through study of scripture and reflection on our daily lives.

Serve nights are opportunities to put faith in action by tackling various projects and partnering with organizations already doing God’s great work.

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