A place for people to belong & believe, featuring Community Groups, Bible Studies, Book Studies, Membership, and Leadership.

To GROW, we seek community and education. At FirstChurch we’ve come to the conclusion that before asking anyone to believe, it is our job to help them feel like they belong; that there is a place for everyone. We offer groups with low-intensity gatherings that focus on community building and relationship. These groups are a perfect place to find people like you, or find people with different life experiences to learn about God from a different perspective.

If you’re ready to dive in and connect with other people, our Community Groups are a perfect place to start!

After that, the path leads toward a place to believe. This step on the path is full of opportunities to GROW in knowledge and faith. From Bible study groups to seasonal and topical groups, we offer many ways to stay rooted in community and biblical truth. Many of these groups are ongoing, year-round groups that welcome anyone at any time. These groups offer challenges to be better people as well as encouragement during the difficult times of life.

To find the perfect GROW GROUP for you, click HERE!

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